We’re Redesigning!

If you’re looking for innovative educational experiences, you are in the right place, it’s just that we are currently redesigning and rebranding!  An awesome new look is on the horizon! 🙂

Kohknowco is an innovation framework, designed through practice, to support kids to do what they love, collaborate, work in teams, and develop their own startups.  We have an experimental Lab running at Ao Tawhiti Unlimited Discovery School.  The Lab runs just like any other class, but in our class, we have designers, artists, music producers, coders, film makers, writers, and all sorts of colorful characters!

Developster, is an outcome of Kohknowco Lab.  Developster is a platform built by teen entrepreneurs to help kickstart the journeys of other teen entrepreneurs.  Through Developster, kids can share their stories, find resources, and support each other to build a entrepreneurial community for under 18s.  It is an awesome example of what we do in Kohknowco Lab and how the Kohknowco Framework is an enabler.

The Developster Team is Asher Foster (Head Developer), Kaleb O’Donnell (Front End Developer), Eiko Olykan (Designer), Ben Filipov (Project Manager), and Crispin Hitchings-Anstice (Editor).



If you would like to connect with us, shout out to Renea on Twitter @Renea or flick us an email at renea@kohknowco.org.